Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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Need to list bundle product as a product set (simple product) to amazon.

I just started using M2epro for Amazon and find it only supports listing grouped product to Amazon by ignoring the child product's price and ASIN. Which is not as good as listing a SET of products in bundle product format. Reasons:
1. there is no price section in admin for grouped product, therefore making it difficult to modify the price of a parent product (which will be listed as the selling price on Amazon)
2. Most of these listings are free shipping, therefore, I can't list them to our own website to allow user to change the qty of each child product. Therefore, I need to hide all these products from our own website.
3. Bundle product does not have the above drawbacks.
I have been using bundle product to list to eBay for years, and it worked very well. M2epro eBay integration has the function to list bundle product as simple product.
4. Now I have to create the same product set in bundle and grouped product, one to eBay, and one to amazon.

Joshua Denne shared this idea April 11, 2021