Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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even if Manage Magento Stock is set to "NO" for FBA order, there should be at least 1 item in your QTY for successful order creation. M2E Pro just passes order details and it is Magento functionality to create orders. Without QTY it is not possible to create the order. That is why the item will be reserved and M2E Pro will release (compensate) it later.

This will leave FBA orders without a Magento order created.
Randy Bruce Rubinstein shared this idea December 10, 2020
Mark B commented February 12, 2021 21:02
I have been asking for this feature for long time ago, and numerous times reminded about this. This is A MUST feature since my physical Warehouse and FBA Warehouse are separate warehouses, and it could be a possibly that FBA may have QTY to sell, but my OWN warehouse maybe 0, which makes sense, therefore M2E should allow Order Creation in mage even if the qty (MSI) =0