Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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In 2017 Amazon opened the Brazilian website for the market place. The Brazilian market has only been growing in e-commerce every year,
"The Brazilian E-commerce Profile survey also shows that, since 2015, e-commerce has tripled its share of total websites in Brazil. Over that period, e-commerce has gone from 2.65% to 7.04%. , numbers that demonstrate the important growth that has been happening in recent years.
According to data from Webshoppers Ebit / Nielsen, a company that surveys the reputation of online stores, in the first half of 2018, e-commerce earned about 23.6 billion. This shows that the Brazilian online market is stable and investing in this segment generates good profits. This year, e-commerce may have an increase of $ 79.9 billion in sales, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce. "(2019,,86620018836048185f689ea3bb91d2c7d7q6snyz.html)
Magento integration would be great to automate all processes.
Hudson shared this idea December 26, 2019