Suggestions for eBay Integration

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When selling a common stratergy used by other sellers is creating a listing of a product for every make & model that the product is suitable for.

This creates a lot of rich keywords in the title and floods the listings for that product.

It would be great if M2E could do this as well..

It's basically product * ktype
Babak sanayeiS shared this idea October 01, 2019
ERNO commented December 04, 2019 02:12
This is very bad idea. You reBay listings will be removed , as per eBay policy these will be "duplicate listings". Unless you have more then 3000 compatibility for a part....

"There is no need to repeat compatibility information in your listing title. Instead, use your title for popular search elements like brand, part type, MPN part number, equivalent OEM part number, part name, material, and any other part numbers (e.g., Platinum number). Some examples:

Old title: Ford Ranger 88/07 Short Bed New Tonneau Bed Cover 6ft.
New title: Freedom 9630 Black Tonneau Bed Cover 6 ft

Old title: 1992-1994 1995 Honda Civic EG6 Headlights+Vision
New title: JDM Blk Crystal Headlights w/Vision Amber Corner Lights

You can repeat compatibility information in your listing description, but this is not essential since this information will already be displayed on the compatibility tab and is used in search. Compatibility information in the description may not be