Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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To add products to Amazon listing using M2E one can use the EAN. But very often we have to do a manual search as the system can't find the ASIN code from Amazon that matches the EAN code. And this you have to do for one product as many times as you have market places. This is therefore a time consuming process.

Could it be possible to create in Magento an ASIN attribute that could be feed by M2E. The idea is that if an ASIN product is found for one market place this ASIN is integrated in the magento product form and can then be used for other market place using a function such as "apply already available ASIN in the MAGENTO product form" before searching ASIN automatically for the product who have no ASIN yet ?
Bruno DUVAL shared this idea September 09, 2019
Chris Lees commented November 19, 2019 02:11
Am I crazy or is he describing something that is already a fundamental part of M2E's functionality?