Suggestions for eBay Integration

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So one of those little known secrets on eBay is that for their own marketing reasons they sometimes pay out incentives. So say they feel like the iPhone X is a big hot item on eBay would help them from a marketing perspective, and you are selling them, they will ask you to sell it much cheaper, lets just say they want you to drop the price $100 but they will then pay you $80 per item so you get to be the lowest priced person without losing your pants and they get to advertise what a great price you can get on eBay. These deals are struck per product and have a start and end date. I am not sure of all or other details that may apply. This is usually for the larger sellers and most people never hear about it but it is a thing. Sometimes also called subsidies currently the only software I have come across that has this built-in is SellerCloud. We plan on starting small the first few months until we are sure we have everything working smoothly then we have hundreds to thousands of posting planned with this as part of our roadmap. Thank you for considering this feature.
Jason shared this idea August 20, 2019