Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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We ran a search automatically for 500k items.
- Many items were matched on amazon and listed.
- Others, M2E did not find a match.
- Others, M2E found 2+ possible matches

When we filter out:
- Items that are listed
- Items that have found ASIN

We are left with 400k items that either
- Cannot be found on Amazon
- Found on Amazon, but need to choose ASIN

When we filter these 400k by "action required", Items that cannot be found on Amazon are mixed with items found on Amazon, but must choose the ASIN you want. This means we have to search thousands of pages as we work to manually choose the ASIN.

We need to be able to filter OUT the products that have no ASINS found, and only show products where i must choose an ASIN in order to list.

Do not show these:
Only show these:
David shared this idea January 31, 2019