Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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Please add a feature to M2E Pro that enables us to manage all customizable products that can be listed at Amazon Custom.

For example:
We would like to offer customizable licence plates on AmazonCustom (customers can choose the letters and numbers on the licence plate) and send them to Amazon with M2E Pro as well as to be able to read all relevant informations of the listed products and orders.

Thank You.
AMenke shared this idea June 21, 2018
Developer commented December 20, 2018 10:12
I agree with this. Its very old fashion to ask a customer to send that custom text or image on a email or through the seller messaging... When I checked almost everyone uses amazon customisation feature... Because it is dead modern / up to date. The way we do now is non professional when we have this feature available on the plate what I can say. Please upgrade this asap. Very disappointed on this.