Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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Please add the Amazon Automotive parts compatibility feature into the m2e extension. This feature is very important to sellers who offer car parts and use Amazon's new part finder
Michael Luchini shared this idea November 27, 2012
Ingo Knarr commented April 09, 2018 13:04
M2E promised to add this feature long time ago but it is still not available. For some categories it is mandatory to add k-types otherwise Amazon will not let you list new products.
Please add this feature ASAP otherwise M2ePro is useless for selling Automotive parts on Amazon.
Cedric commented March 21, 2018 18:03
Any news about this feature ?
Mark commented March 03, 2017 20:03
any update on this?
A Wood commented December 18, 2014 04:12
Motorcycles are important as well as car compatibility!
A Wood commented December 18, 2014 04:12
This is greatly needed. I currently use the ebay Motors Caompatibility but have now way of doing this for amazon.