Suggestions for Other Sales Channel

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Consider these:

1. Opencart is second most used open source cart option by developers.

2. OpenCart is mostly deployed for small & medium size sellers.

3. small & medium size sellers, mostly, are already selling on eBay.

4. OpenCart power some of big marketplace e.g. ''.

So, creating an integration with OpenCart would entice most of the sellers on eBay and Amazon to have their own website with M2E.

Thanks with regards.
Deepanshu Goel shared this idea November 09, 2013
Anonymous commented February 03, 2014 22:02
Would love the module for this, please build it before someone else do!
Steve commented January 23, 2014 13:01
OpenCart definitely needs M2E.

It did have an extension called OpenBay Pro which offered, Amazon & eBay sync - this became part of the the core OpenCart product recently and shortly afterwards support was dropped!

Which is why I moved to Magento & M2E. ;-)