Suggestions for eBay Integration

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I suggest you add a separate section for eBay Analitical data. In this section I would like to be able to search by name, SKU or even listing template. I would like the data to be displayed as

SKU, time range, # of times listed, # of successful sales, successful % rate, and ebay fees.

Channel Advisor had this feature and it was very nice. At the end of the month we would come in and sort by percentage of successfully closed listings. It was very nice because for example all auctions that did not close more than for example 10% of the time we would then work on to improve those numbers. If we could never improve them and they were not profitable then we would pull the listing.

Other M2E users - If I have forgotten any important parts of ebay analytics please post your ideas in the comments below.
GreatVacs shared this idea October 21, 2012
Anthony Cicchelli commented September 09, 2013 14:09
What kind of analytic would everyone be looking for?
GreatVacs commented May 23, 2013 20:05
Any updates to this? This Analytics part is crucial. With over 148 votes (the most I have ever seen) I am surprised that M2E has not implemented this.
Cesar Hernandez commented April 24, 2013 20:04
Dear, in your last version I have see you have added the fixed price sold qty to the listing, but already is impossible to order the listings by this value that it is inside parentesis (). Could you sum both parameters even put them separatelly? I mean, if you put the total sold sum (auctions and fixed price ones) will be possible to order the listing by this number, and really know witch one listing is selling more and wich ones are not selling. Now I can see the 2 values separated, example 2 (4)... I have supposed this mean 2 auctions and 4 fixed price. Possible to sum both to order ? Thanks so much again,
Cesar Hernandez commented April 17, 2013 20:04
We don't know the listings that really are selling dear. Your system has a bug and it is impossible to know the qty sold in each listing, and order the listings by the sold qty. The field sold qty only show the auction sold qty, and not the fixed price sold qty. Can you at least revise this?
Pope Indigo commented February 03, 2013 17:02
See the atached photo. Is impossible to know if 1 listing template is selling or not, because the selling qty is always in 0.
Anonymous commented January 21, 2013 20:01
Please, we are using the descriptions template without know if they are selling or not. The selling articles field always is in 0 value even with items selled into the listings. Can you at least solve this and give us the way to know the qty of item selled in each listing?

Thanks so much,

Albert G. commented December 29, 2012 10:12
Dear, need same thing that tell me which ones descriptions are selling and which ones not. This help us optimize. Thanks.
Peter Knovich commented October 24, 2012 20:10
need to know witch template is selling more. Please, at least, solved the issue in the items sold in listing that not work. Thanks again.