Suggestions for Other Sales Channel

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Hey guys yeah, I was just thinking about any of these three Marketplaces if possible. eBay of course has always been a leader in sense with the whole 'auction' sphere, and even fixed price to a degree, but it'd be nice for any of these still viable alternative marketplaces

eBay has been failing a lot recently in my opinion and definitely doing a lot of merchants injustice, they have been dropping the ball here in my honest opinion for a while now, and I would feel any of these secondary but still-growing marketplaces would deserve more exposure, and if an integration with the awesome M2e and its merchants would benefit, helping to increase their overall efficiency, ease of use/integration and just simply overall product listing counts, the better for the smaller companies.

I know for myself personally-speaking here, I would definitely integrate with these alternative marketplaces here, it surely wouldn't hurt, and who knows, maybe we could help them grow with such an integration too! I think they would deserve it
Ivica W. shared this idea October 04, 2012
Henry Hayes commented July 02, 2017 19:07
Indeed. I think that as more of these marketplaces gain traction, M2E will take note and perhaps look at developing what we need.

> I think that eBid should definitely be a priority, especially since they have their API now. Please click here for my eBid Magento Integration post and pst a +1 comment if you need eBid Magento Integration.
Mark Grohman commented February 27, 2014 02:02
I noticed that M2E is working on an integration project. I would like to be able to utilize the tool on that website as well as smaller websites for listing 1,950+ unique items of fine jewelry.