How to add VAT rate to price on eBay via M2E Pro

If you sell your Items on European eBay Sites or use eBay Tax Table when selling on the US, CA or eBay Motors sites, you need to specify a VAT Rate.

To use this option, you have to be registered as a business seller on eBay and list the Item on the VAT-enabled sites: Ireland, India, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, or the United Kingdom. The VAT information will be displayed on eBay Item page if specified.

To set VAT settings, navigate Configuration > Policies > Selling Policy > VAT Rate and set Add VAT Percentage field to Yes.

Here is an example of how the price will be calculated when you enable VAT Percentage:

Initial data Calculations Result
VAT incl. VAT excl. VAT incl. VAT excl.
Price £10
£10 + £1.90 = £11.90
£10 Price £12,14 Price £10,2VAT £1.90
VAT Rate, % 19% or £1.90 £1.90
Price change + 2% £11.90 * 2% = £0.24 £10 * 2% = £0.2


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