How to configure Gift Messages for Amazon and Magento orders

Amazon’s Professional selling plan gives you access to the Gift Options feature, which includes gift-wrapping and gift messaging. Basically, when you enable Gift Messaging for a product, you offer buyers the ability to enter a personalized gift message for each item in the order. 

Import Gift Messages to M2E Pro

You can apply the Gift Message option to the Products you list on Amazon using M2E Pro. Just make sure to enable it either at the Selling Settings step of a new Listing creation, or via the Edit Settings button within the Listing.


You should enable and set up Gift Message options in Global Account Settings of your Seller Central first (Settings > Gift Options).

A buyer’s gift message will be imported and displayed on the Amazon Order Details page in the corresponding column:

Import Gift Messages to Magento

If you want the gift message of your Amazon order to be imported to Magento as well, configure the Gift Options in your Magento settings.


In this case, enabling the Gift Messages option both in M2E Pro and Amazon is also required.

For Magento 1, navigate to System > Configuration > SALES > Sales > Gift Options.

For Magento 2, go to Stores > Configuration > SALES > Sales > Gift Options.

The gift message will show up in the Magento order only if you enable the Gift Options at the order level

Besides, it is possible to enable gift messages only for a particular Magento Product, ignoring global Gift Options settings. To do that, navigate to Catalog > Products > select Product > Gift Options section:

The gift message of your Amazon order will be imported and displayed in the Gift Options section of the Magento Order page:

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