How to manage VAT Invoices for Amazon European accounts

If you have Use VAT Calculation Service enabled, there are extra options to make the management of VAT invoices more convenient for you.

In case you want M2E Pro to keep creating standard Magento Invoices, you can enable Magento Invoice Creation option:

VAT invoices and Magento invoices are not related. VAT invoices will be uploaded automatically to Amazon, while Magento standard invoices will be kept in your Magento.


Read about the other use cases of setting up automatic invoicing for Amazon European accounts via M2E Pro here.

An important step is to fill in certain fields under Stores > Configuration > General > General > Store Information.

This information is vital for the correct generation of VAT Invoices. 

Magento 1 users must provide the following information:

  • Store Name
  • Store Contact Address


Be sure to provide Store information per Magento Store View you use for Magento Order creation. You can review your settings under Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Account Configuration > Orders:


Additionally, there is an option to upload a custom logo to the printed version of VAT Invoices. To do it, go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales > Invoice and Packing Slip Design.

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