How to unlink listed eBay item from Magento product in database via query

If you list a Variational product on the Channel and sold at least one Child Product, you will not be able to change variations for the product. When M2E Pro sends a changed set of variations, eBay returns the error.

So, the workaround was implemented: variations are sent as Out of Stock. This was made to avoid the error.

Still, in case you need to change the Variational product, the first step is to unlink the Magento product from the Channel item. Then you should update its data both in Magento and on the Channel, and import the item into Unmanaged Listings anew. Finally, link the item to the Magento product and move it to the M2E Pro Listing.

Magento products can be unlinked from Channel items via a database query. This way, you can also remove items from the M2E Pro Listing while keeping them active on the Channel.

To unlink Magento products from Channel items, follow the instructions below:

  1. Find out the Listing ID and Product ID.
  2. Once you know these details, perform the query: UPDATE m2epro_listing_product mlp SET mlp.status = 0 WHERE mlp.listing_id = #listing id # AND mlp.product_id = #pr ID#;
  3. Remove the Not Listed products from the M2E Pro Listing.

The query will set the product to Not Listed status in the M2E Pro database. The Module will lose the connection with the Channel for the product, and you can safely apply the Stop/Remove from Listing action. It will not affect the item on the Channel.


Starting from M2E Pro versions 6.13.x and 1.13.x, you can relink your Unmanaged Item to another Magento Product after it was moved to the M2E Pro Listing.


To relink the Item, go to eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Listings > M2E Pro and apply Link to another Magento Product action in the Settings View Mode.

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