How to import missing order data into M2E Pro

M2E Pro provides automatic order synchronization. Yet, there are cases when you may need to update some order details or import your sales into M2E Pro manually.

Sometimes order data cannot be automatically imported due to the limitations on your Channel account or temporary technical issues on the Channel APIs side. If you find that some of your Channel orders are missing or have irrelevant status/details in M2E Pro Sales grid, you can try importing them manually.


The action won’t create duplicates for the already imported Channel orders.

Also, manual order import can be useful if you’ve just added your Channel account to M2E Pro and want to upload your latest sales into the Module.


The action will import your Channel sales for the last 90 days.

If the cases above are yours, do as follows:

  • Navigate to eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Sales > Orders and click Order Reimport.

  • In the opened pop-up, select the time frame to be processed. 
  • Confirm the action by clicking Reimport.

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