How to set up Automatic Invoice Uploading for Amazon European accounts

M2E Pro automates invoice uploading for all orders managed across Amazon European Marketplaces (UK, DE, ES, IT, FR). The feature should be enabled for each Amazon European account in your M2E Pro. To do it, follow the instructions below:

  • navigate Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Edit Account > VCS / Upload Invoices;
  • set Auto-Invoicing option to "Upload Magento Invoices".

Once an Invoice is created for Magento order, it will be automatically uploaded for the corresponding order on Amazon.

If you need to resend the Invoice, go to Amazon > Sales > Amazon Order Details, click Resend Invoice under Payment & Invoicing section.

The feature also applies to order Credit Memos. After a Credit Memo is generated in Magento, it will be sent to Amazon automatically. You can resend the Credit Memo manually from the Amazon Order Details page in your M2E Pro.


Resend Invoice/CreditMemo action can be applied to the multiple orders at once:

- filter your orders out by No Invoice/CreditMemo Sent option;

- select Resend Invoice/CreditMemo action from the mass action drop-down in the order grid;

- click Submit.

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