How to insert images into the Custom Description

To insert images into the Custom Description, follow the next steps:


  1. Navigate to eBay > Listing > Edit Settings > Selling > Description and choose Custom Description in Description Tab.
  2. Click Custom Inserts and in a pop-up window configure the available Image settings. 
  3. Press Insert to finish the process.


Before you start inserting images, make sure you’ve considered the following points:

  • If an image marked as excluded in Magento, it will not be added to the description.
  • If it is a Configurable, Bundle or Grouped product, images will be taken only from the Main (Parent) Product.
  • All images you add will be shown from your store web server and will not be uploaded on eBay.

Note: Check the documentation for Magento v1.x and Magento v2.x about the custom description to get more details.

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