How to start selling on Walmart via M2E Pro if you do not have Walmart Account

If you want to sell on Walmart via M2E Pro, but do not have Seller Account on the website, proceed with the steps below:

1. Submit Walmart Application Form. To finish up registration, follow Walmart USCA documentation.

If you need help with the Walmart Application Form, feel free to contact M2E Pro Support Team.

2. Complete Walmart Launch Checklist, e.g. test item setup and order processing. We recommend you to do it using M2E Pro. Link the Module to your Walmart account right after you complete your Partner Profile on the website.

Please use our Initial Set-Up Wizards to get started with Walmart Integration on your M2E Pro for Magento 1 / Magento 2.

3. After you perform all the Launch Checklist steps, click Go Live in Seller Center. Your request will be sent to the Marketplace Integration Team that will examine your profile and completed test actions. If your account meets all go-live criteria, you will receive an approval email.

It may take up to 24 hours to activate your items on Walmart after this email.

That's it!  Submit the rest of your inventory to Walmart via M2E Pro and enjoy the automated selling.

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