How to start managing your existing Amazon Variational Products via M2E Pro

There are two ways of managing Amazon Variational Products:

1. Import items as Unmanaged Listings and link them to Magento items.

Variational Product on Amazon provides ASINs for a Parent Product as well as for each Child Product. However, only Child Products can be imported as Unmanaged items via Amazon API. Parent Products will not be imported.

You can link each Child Product to existing Simple Products in Magento, move them to the M2E Pro Listing, and continue managing each Child Product separately under existing ASINs. This way your product will be presented on Amazon as a Variational one, and M2E Pro will manage its variations as separate Simple Products.

After you move a product from the Unmanaged Listings to the M2E Pro Listing, it needs to be Revised so that the connection between linked Channel Item and Magento Product it was linked to.

2. Link Magento and Amazon Variational Products by SKU

Create a Variational Product in Magento that is identical to the one you have on Amazon (same SKUs, titles), add it to the M2E Pro Listing, and list it under the existing ASIN (the same you have on the channel) using this instruction. After this, M2E Pro will automatically find an item with the same SKU in your Amazon Inventory and link it to this Magento Variational Product (Parent and Child Products). If the linking is successful, you will see a log "Product has been found by SKU "***" in your Inventory and successfully linked".

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