How to list products on Amazon that do not have a UPC, EAN, or ISBN / M2E Pro Product ID override

To list a product on Amazon sellers need to use a standard product ID (Global Trade Item Number), such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN. If your products do not have standard product IDs, you can request GTIN exemption from Amazon.

Amazon allows GTIN exemption if you:

- Sell products for which the brand, manufacturer, or publisher does not provide a GTIN (private-label products or handmade products) or you are a manufacturer or publisher and your products do not have barcodes.

- Sell product parts without a GTIN such as automotive parts.

- Sell products in a bundle, for example, a set of vases.

To use the exemption feature you must contact Amazon Support to receive personal permission to sell products without UPC/EAN/ISBN. To do that navigate to Apply for a GTIN exemption page. You can find the step-by-step instruction on receiving GTIN exemption permission in this article.

After you get the permission, you need to set up Product ID override to add your product into M2E Pro Listing. For that go to Amazon > Configuration > Policies > Description policy, choose an appropriate exemption option in Product ID Override field and set None in UPC/EAN field.  

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