How to authorize M2E Pro on US Walmart Marketplace

Note: The following instruction is applicable to M2E Pro v6.5.5 and higher.

To authorize the Module on US Walmart Marketplace you need to get the appropriate API credentials:

  • Log in to the Walmart Developer Center using your Walmart Seller credentials.
  • Navigate to Username > Oauth Access Token.  Click Add Provider and choose M2E in the dropdown list. Then click API Keys to generate Client ID and Client Secret, copy and paste the keys into the right fields on M2E Pro page.
  • Insert your unique seller identifier, i.e. Consumer ID or Partner ID, into Consumer ID  field on M2E Pro page.  

Tip: Learn why Consumer ID/ Partner ID is required and how you can get it in this article

  • Click Save and Continue Edit. The Extension will be granted access to your Walmart account data

If you need to reauthorize Extension, please generate a new Client ID and Client Secret for M2E Pro under Username > Oauth Access Token in Developer Center. Yet, Consumer ID/Partner ID  value must not be changed.

Note: If you see the error message "M2E Pro could not get access to your Walmart account" after you've entered the keys, you need to make sure all the permissions were granted. For that, please return to Username > Oauth Access Token and click Add Provider button and choose M2E in the dropdown list again. Then in the grid below click Edit and grant M2E access to Content section. Then click Save, copy and paste the keys into the right fields on M2E Pro page.

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