Amazon troubleshooting

This Parent has no Child Products on which the chosen Action can be performed

Your Variational Product has no active Child Products yet and cannot be Revised/Relisted.

#child product #variational product
Magento Order # was not canceled. Reason: Cancel is not allowed for Orders with Invoiced Items

There are several ways to resolve the issue

#refund #magento order #cancellation
Account authorization is failed. Please ensure Amazon account settings are correct

You need to grant M2E Pro access to your Amazon account to maintain the inventory and order synchronization with Amazon marketplace. 

#synchronization #authorization
M2E Pro did not use New ASIN/ISBN Creation feature assigned because settings for ASIN/ISBN Search were specified in Listing Search Settings and a value "__" was set in Magento Attribute for that Product.

This warning appears to inform you that the New ASIN/ISBN creation functionality was disregarded because the Search Settings are enabled and the UPC/EAN value is provided. 

#asin #product identifier
There is more than one Product found on Amazon using Search by "__". First, you should select a certain one using manual search

Two or more matches were found for your product in the Amazon catalog based on the Search Settings. You need to select Amazon Item that best corresponds to your product.

#asin #search
Product is not Listed. The process of New ASIN/ISBN creation has been started, but the Variation Theme was not set. Please, set the Variation Theme to list this Product.

Please define by which option(s) your product will vary on the Amazon website

#variational data
Product cannot be Listed because no UPC/EAN value or Register Parameter is set in the Description Policy.

Amazon prohibits listing products without ID.

#product identifier
The Quantity must be greater than 0. Please, check the Selling Format Policy and Product Settings.

Amazon prohibits listing products with zero quantity.

"__" % of the products in your file did not process successfully. We recommend using Check My File to help you identify and correct common listing errors before updating your inventory.

Amazon API returns the error when some required settings/details are missing or invalid in your Amazon Seller Central.

#amazon api
The Product found on Amazon using UPC/EAN "__" provided in Description Policy is not a Child Product. Linking was failed because onlyChildProduct is required. Please provide the correct value and try again

One of the product variations already exists in the Amazon catalog as an Individual product.

#product identifier #variational item #child product
You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list.

The error is returned by Amazon API if your product data is not eligible for a new ASIN creation.

SKU does not match any ASIN and the product data provided is not eligible for ASIN creation.

The error is returned by Amazon API if your product data is not eligible for a new ASIN creation.


#new asin #product identifier #amazon api
UPC/ASIN/ISBN provided in Search Settings is not found on Amazon. Please set Description Policy to create New ASIN/ISBN.

No matches were found for your product in the Amazon catalog based on the provided Search Settings.

#asin #amazon catalog #product identifier
The value provided for one of the specifics is empty or invalid. Please set the correct values for all specifics or use different SKU for creating a new product

Please make sure that Magento Attributes, selected in the Item Specifics, contains valid values.

#item specifics
The required attributes "__" are missing. Please set the values for the mentioned attributes and try again

The error is returned by Amazon API when some Item Specifics are missing. 

#item specifics
You are not authorized to list Products using the Brand value you specified. Please provide a valid value and try again

You cannot sell products that are private ownership of the particular seller or company unless you are an authorized seller.


Attribute "standard_product_id" is missing

Amazon may return this error when you attempt to create a new ASIN in Amazon catalog, but you do not provide a valid UPC/EAN.

#product id #amazon #new asin
Product has been found in Amazon catalog

Product data you provided closely resembles the existing product data for one or more products in the Amazon catalog

Some of the information submitted has a technical conflict with information in the Amazon catalog

Product information doesn’t coincide with the data in the Amazon catalog for this ASIN

Missing Title for Amazon 3rd Party Listing

Please learn how to resolve an issue of missing 3rd Party Item titles.

The ship-date or FulfillmentDate you provided {date} was not between the order date

In this article, you will learn how to resolve the issue. Please read the details.

The same Merchant SKU was found among 3rd Party Listings. Merchant SKU must be unique for each Amazon item

Please find the recommendation on how to fix the error.

Condition is invalid or missed error for Amazon Item

Please learn how to fix an issue of a missing Item Condition value.