Product has been found in Amazon catalog

Amazon catalog concept is that each product page unites several different sellers offering the same item. Therefore, you must provide enough product data for Amazon to determine if your product matches an existing product or if it is a new unique product.

This error occurs when the product data you provided closely resembles the existing product data for one or more products in the Amazon catalog. The error message specifies similar products by an ASIN and similar item attributes.

Follow these steps to resolve this error:

1) Search Amazon using the ASINs as listed in the error message to determine if the products are the same as your product.

2) If you find a match, modify your product data to more closely resemble the existing product data and assign the existing ASIN. Carefully review the product title, UPC, brand, manufacturer, and manufacturer part number.

3) If you do not find a match, modify your product data to more clearly differentiate your product. Carefully review the product attributes mentioned in the error message.

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